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For more information on our section and/or applying to Southwestern Oklahoma State University, please email or write me at:

Robert Chambers
SWOSU Music Dept.
100 Campus Dr
Weatherford, OK 73096
United States

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Welcome to the SWOSU Trombone/Euphonium Page!!!

Welcome to the land of SWOSU,

where trombones and euphoniums

run wild.

Our chief is Dr. Robert Chambers,

who is a dedicated musician and conductor by day,

crazed psycho by night.

He heads the low brass section

(minus the tubas)

as we plan to overtake the music department first,

and then the world.

Please take the time to visit the pages

dedicated to each person,

and to the SWOSU homepage.

Coming soon to a page near you...maybe...

More detailed info on the Music department

and (hopefully) camp info.

If you have any questions,

email Dr. Chambers, and he might answer.

Don't forget to sign the guestbook

on your way out!!!

Go Dawgs!!!

Meet the Trombone and Euphonium Section

Each person has a page dedicated to him/her. Some of us even have our own email address.

Please correspond freely - we don't bite!!

(except for that one incident with Eric, but the charges didn't stick!)

Meet Dr. Chambers
Dr. Chambers, the Head Honcho, the Big Cheese, the Big Kahuna...

Meet Eric
Eric, Devil with a blue dress on

Meet Bobby
Bobby Duncan, Just call him Goob

Meet Chad
Chad, The Mad Man

Meet Julio
Julio, Julio, Julio

Meet Wade
Wade, or, Garth Brooks, Jr.!

Meet Stephen
Stephen Heslip...Stephen Heslip

Meet Andy
Meet Andy, the nicest guy in the world (okay, where's my $20?)

Meet Randy
Mr. Hot Shot

Meet Richard
Richard Knabe, suave

Meet Phillip
Mr. Pain (oops!)

Meet Curtis
Curtis Sharp - my name says it all

Meet Wally
Wally, the other White Meat

Meet Todd
Todd Wall, I seem like a nice guy...

Meet Julie
Julie Winslett, the Goddess of Euphonium